Graduate Success: Khari Goddard

My name is Khari Goddard. Following the completion of my LLB at the University of Derby 2017, I pursued a MSc Econ in International Relations at Cardiff University which I completed in 2019.

I am now employed with the Government of Anguilla, which is the Government of my home country, as the Trade and Investment Officer. The mandate of this post is to promote, facilitate, monitor and regulate private sector investments, business development, diversification and expansion of products by domestic and external firms as well as stimulating and regulating both domestic and external trade so as to achieve Governments economic growth targets.

My day to day operations involve reviewing and negotiating various foreign direct investment agreements on behalf of Government, provided that they are aligned with the country’s sustainable development goals. A significant part of my work is identifying niche projects/ investments that can facilitate the diversification of the economy. I also assist with drafting legislation, policies and investment strategies to further advance the business and investment arena.

The University of Derby allowed me to develop a sound foundation for career advancement. Though I was born in Anguilla, I was made at the University of Derby.