Pupillage Gateway Summarised

Pupillage Gateway is a centralised site that advertises all vacancies for pupillage. As you can imagine, this means that the site has a wealth of information. For example, whilst the Bar Standards Board stipulates that all pupilages must advertise through the Pupillage Gateway, how to apply for pupillage can be different depending on the chambers in question. Some accept through the Pupillage Gateway, whilst others accept direct applications.

The pure number of chambers, and the information provided on each, can make this site overwhelming at first glance. Thankfully help is at hand – Third year student Jessica Baxter Clucas has been kind enough to share a summary in table form of all the different pupillages available through the site.

Please Note: This information has been compiled to help summarise the pupillages available through Pupillage Gateway. You are advised to visit the Pupillage Gateway to check the information provided for yourself. The Pupillage Gateway is the definitive place for all information about Pupillages available.

To access the information, please click on the document below.