Law School Announces New Partnership with WillSuite

University of Derby Law School Partners with WillSuite

Derby Law School is pleased to announce a new partnership with WillSuite. Endorsed by the Society of Will Writers since 2017, WillSuite is the software provider of choice for the Institute of Professional Willwriters, making it a leading provider of Will Writing and Estate Planning Software used throughout the legal sector.

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for our students, providing them with the opportunity to gain experience in using software which is used within the legal sector. The students will be able to put their academic knowledge of wills and probate into practice, deepening their understanding of the law in this area, whilst also increasing their employability.

Speaking about the new partnership, third year law student Nicola Lambert said “University students are often criticised for a lack of real-life work skills. The partnership between the University of Derby and WillSuite will give us the opportunity to demonstrate a genuine practical understanding of how modern Will writing is done. Not only that but given that we have unfettered access to the software to create Wills, we will finish the Older Client module with the skills required to write accurate and valid Wills. I’m so grateful for the opportunity!”.

WillSuite’s Head of Growth – Tom Stansfield noted “I’m probably showing my age here but when I studied Law, we didn’t get opportunities like this. We had great academic support and knowledge but the practical side was certainly missing. We’re working with a number of universities who are making their courses more practical and I fully support this. The University of Derby’s syllabus looks particularly engaging and we’re pleased to be working with them and their students.”

WillSuite have also been generous enough to offer a series of work placements for those students that show a particular interest in succession law.

The partnership with WillSuite demonstrates just one of the ways that the Law School endeavours to strengthen graduate outcomes by embedding real world learning opportunities into the curriculum. We are very grateful for the partnership opportunity, and look forward to working with WillSuite on further opportunities in the future.