Becoming a Lord Denning Scholar

Choosing an Inn was my starting point. I attended virtual webinars with previous scholars, networked with other practitioners from each Inn and felt that my chance of success in obtaining a scholarship would be with Lincoln’s Inn, primarily because I was nominated for The Neuberger Award in September by the University of Derby.

In preparation for the paper sift, I spent over 240 hours on the paper-sift and was incredibly lucky to have been assisted by a previous scholar who critiqued my application the day before the deadline. I spent an additional 16 hours inputting the changes which were suggested to me and later found out I was selected for an interview!

Obtaining an interview in and of itself was already a huge achievement and truly showed that it’s not the time you spend on a piece of work, but it’s the effort you dedicate during that time that matters.

A few weeks before the interview, I was given a set of examples questions that I practiced daily in front of the mirror, many of my friends (who have definitely got tired of listening to me…) and I asked them to criticize me. I was truly fortunate to also have been assisted by the lecturers Kaye Howells and George Ellison in a mock interview a few days before my ‘actual’ interview.

The interview… What I thought was a complete disaster, turned out to be my biggest accomplishment. It was very nerve-racking, as it was my first so called ‘legal’ interview and I was not sure what to expect. I had a great panel, and though I felt that I did not answer some of the questions to the best of my abilities, it turns out it was just enough to secure a scholarship.

After the interview, I was very certain that my nerves got the best of me and that I would have to reapply the following year. I spent the evening with a ‘cheat meal’, analysed every question I could remember and practiced how I would answer these if I were to do the interview again. I started looking at alternative options and applied for a graduate scheme and managed to pass the pre-sift application. I then participated in a bail application with University of Law and was very proud to be one of the finalists!

10th of March

I received an email with the heading of ‘Outcome of Bar Course Scholarship’ and spent a few minutes preparing for a rejection.

Dear Weronika,

I am pleased to inform you…

I was utterly shocked!! Wait… I got a scholarship? I waited a few minutes before I responded as I could not believe what just had happened, did they send that email by mistake? I was awarded a Major Scholarship which will support me with fees for the BPC commencing in September. I was equally glad to share my success with many others who have also obtained a scholarship and reached out to those who did not manage to obtain one this time around.

Now make the most of this and understand what it means’.

This just goes on to show that whilst it is always good to have a Plan B, don’t doubt your abilities and don’t swerve away from your Plan A because you never know what’s around the corner.