Lawyer in the Making: Route to Qualification as a Barrister

A review by Gurbeen Kaur

‘Even if you find others disorganised, so long as you’re organised, you can accomplish your degree’

Who is Lawyer in the Making

Rebecca Morgan, a part-time BPTC student visited Derby Law School to deliver a talk on the Bar Professional Training Course on the 7th March 2018. Founder of ‘Lawyer in the Making’, a blog on law related things, Rebecca received the Middle Temple Scholarship, and was shortlisted for the Legal Rising Star Award 2017.

Route to Being a Barrister 

  1. Mini Pupillages – ‘do as many as you can’

As part of the route to becoming a Barrister, she highly recommended extra curricular activities and ‘getting as much experience as you can’ with lots of mini-pupillages. At the same time, she suggested that it was okay to say no to opportunities as well; such as opportunities, which may not provide much, explore and overlap others. Equally, even if you want to be a barrister, obtaining work experience with solicitors is also very valuable! When at interview and asked why you don’t want to be a solicitor, its far better to have a reason for your decision such as ‘I did work experience with a solicitor and this is why it wasn’t a good fit’ than, ‘I just don’t want to be a solicitor’.

2. Apply for the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test)

The BCAT is an aptitude tes