Careers Event: Darlingtons

Why proactivity is now a key legal skill required by law firms when recruiting trainees

Craig Sharpe has had a career spanning  over 25 years working in law, partly as a solicitor and now a consultant marketing specialist for law firms. This background gives Craig an unusual insight into what’s changed and what law firms now look for when recruiting, why this is and why the information is important for students. The talk is full of real world examples, is informal and practical.

  1. The legal market – what’s changed?
  2. The old fashioned lawyer
  3. The new type of client
  4. The proactive lawyer – more than just a good technical lawyer
  5. What really goes on in modern law firms.
  6. Who’s getting it right?
  7. Who’s getting it wrong?
  8. How you can develop the right mentality.
  9. Practical takeaways.

 During the talk we will be looking at a number of law frim websites including Darlingtons, Mishcon, Gannons, Streathers and Taj Solicitors. It is recommended that students attending have a look at these websites before the talk.

For information on the talk – please check events or click here