Pavan Sandher – Making the Most of your Law Degree

On the 17th of October 2018, I attended a careers event held by Rebekah Marangon on Making the most of your Law Degree.

Whether you decide to take on a career in Law or not, there will be some kind of application process before you get the job. Many of us are probably thinking about applying for work experience placements, internships etc and this talk was particularly helpful in identifying how we could answer some questions that arise in applications, linking them to a degree in Law: For example, recognising skills that we gain through lectures, tutorials, exams and assignments.

Rebekah gave us a few tasks, working in small groups to identify what skills we have gained. The first task was to see what skills we have gained through lectures and tutorials. The second task was to see what skills we have gained through the assessment methods of particular modules we have completed and the last task enabled us to go that extra step further to make our applications more effective, by being able to reflect on what we have already done. This was through being able to explain what we did well, what we didn’t do well and how we can improve and develop in the future.

These activities were helpful for us to understand not just the main skills we may have gained such as preparation, but breaking that down and being able to say what else there is and making the most of different opportunities. For example, making the time to go over lectures, making clear notes, planning and using different materials which involves research and so on that are all linked to the main skill of preparation.

Overall, this session enabled us to think about some of the things we have done in class that we can use in the process of an application or an interview, whether that be related to Law or not to discover skills we have gained through different opportunities in University. It also enabled us to start thinking about the process of applications and thinking about key skills and breaking them down. I would like to thank Rebekah for arranging and running this session. I would strongly recommend others to attend these events as they are a great source to help you plan for your future.

Pavan Sandher – Second Year LLB Student