Public Speaking and Communication Session – This Wednesday

The student skills team are delivering their first skills session;‘Public Speaking and Communication’ on Wednesday 10th October in FG201 at 12-1PM. This session will be run by Barrie Archer (President of the Law Society), Matt Bettany (Master of Moots), Ami Popkin (Mistress of Moots) and Lia Argyropoulou (Experienced Mooter). These students are also in charge of the internal mooting competition and the session is intended to help prepare you for the competition.

Anyone interested in joining the mooting team should attend as there will be information about how to join the team during the session.

The skills and advice discussed in this session will be useful for all types of public speaking that you will do within the university, whether it is the first year moot, the advocacy exam, the equity moot or any other presentation.

This session is designed to help anyone regardless of their experience and is open to all students.