Darlingtons: The Modern Day Lawyer

by Iulian Baijko 

Craig Sharpe, marketing manager at Darlingtons Solicitors LLP, has recently delivered a careers event entitled “The Modern Day Lawyer”. I can honestly say that this was not your usual “talk” which many law firms tend to organise by way of a presentation in PowerPoint showcasing their ethos, followed by a Partner’s monologue and ending with some good old-fashioned networking. In fact, it was quite the opposite with Craig, who took a rather blunt and informal approach and transformed the event into an interactive workshop involving the audience at every stage and giving everybody a chance to participate. By doing so, he captivated everyone’s attention making the one-hour session a truly inspiring and enjoyable experience.

I was intrigued to hear about his career journey, from working in a large corporate law firm to having his own practice for eight years and then ending up as marketing specialist for law firms. Craig not only provided a unique insight into Darlingtons LLP but also explained the firm’s strategy in tackling the significant vicissitudes of the legal environment. At the same time, he showed what lawyers should be equipped with in order to thrive on the current legal market. Unlike other law firms who provide you with a general list of skills that you need to possess, Craig was not vague in this regard and revealed what law firms, including Darlingtons LLP, are specifically looking for in their candidates. I learnt that teamwork is an essential skill to possess but not in the traditional sense where you just get along working with others, but it involves you as a future lawyer ready and willing to participate in activities that are outside of your comfort zone. It is not only about ‘lawyering’, being a team player means having the initiative to promote the firm and expand its clientele. Equally important, I learnt how to approach legal professionals on LinkedIn for work experience and how to demonstrate commercial awareness in interviews.

In my opinion, “The Modern Day Lawyer” is a ‘must-attend’ event, which has definitely changed my perspective on the legal profession and has provided students with sufficient information to ascertain whether a career in law is the right choice. It was a harsh truth, which I learnt, but the truth delivered in a positive way where one who plants the ‘right mentality’ will reap success.

I am very grateful to Craig Sharpe for delivering this event and I would like to express my gratitude to Derby Law School for organising it and for the continuous support and commitment towards its students.

For more information on Darlingtons, please visit: http://www.darlingtons.com