So, You Want to Be a Teacher? by Sim Malhi

To Teach Is to Learn Twice” – Joseph Joubert

On Wednesday 28th February, Shirley Hewitt, programme leader of the PGCE came in, to deliver a talk on the routes to becoming a teacher. The talk was given alongside of a presentation and followed by a Q&A.

The programme begins in September, and continues through to July, with graduation commencing in the following November. The PGCE at Derby University is a grade 1 provider after an Ofsted examination who assessed course content, assessment, modules, and teachers. This is a very esteemed certification and one that students from across the world, including China, take into consideration when applying to Derby University. Also, the course has a 100% employability rate.

The programme usually consists of 140 students and lectures that last from 9-5 and are usually based at the University. The course consists of:

  • working in groups
  • individual research
  • workshops
  • reports
  • essays
  • presentations
  • self-audits
  • model teaching styles.

There are seven areas to look at in depth, and three modules with a professional study including a 4,000-word assessment.  You must obtain 60 credits at master’s level, alongside 2 placements that will give you the QTS certification.

The student can also decide which age group they would like to work with:

  • 3-7
  • 5-11
  • 7-11
  • 14 + (for older please contact Dan Williams)

Besides, academia the student must also undertake a placement – which the University will find. These are full time from 8-5, and are in the local areas such as Derby, Chesterfield and Leicester, however the student must be willing to travel up to 90 mins for compliance reasons. After the placement is complete, the school will make the judgement on whether or not you have been successful.

Additionally, as a Law graduate, you must remember you are teaching key – stages 1,2,3 and therefore must be fully knowledgeable on Maths, English and Science. The module will assist you with this and be there to help brush up on your problem areas, however, the majority of the responsibility will be on you.

The application process has already begun and the deadline is August 1’st 2018. This firstly consists of a Skills Test which now has unlimited go’s and the first three are free of charge. The applicant must also have had a minimum of two weeks experience in a school and additionally must have had a letter of reference for that, from the head teacher of the institution.

The applicant must also have a grade C or above in Maths, English and Science GCSE. They must also pass a DBS test, which shows they are fit to teach, a physical fitness test and have a form of identity such as passport or licence.

Finally, there is an interview, usually within the week of submitting the application. This interview commences at 8:30am and lasts usually until 11:00am. The interview consists of a ten-minute teaching task where the interviewee must teach the interviewers on anything such as… yoga, sign language, Spanish, dance etc.…

Additionally, there is a short-written piece answering questions based upon an article and finally a group interview. The applicant is usually told if they are successful on the day.

For more information please contact:

Sim Malhi