Welcome to Derby Law School’s Careers and Employability page. 

Thinking about what happens after university can be daunting, but is a necessary part of a successful time at university. This site has been created with the primary aim of helping and supporting you through this process. Here you will find information on up and coming events, reviews of recent guest lecturer, how to guides relating to employability, interviews with local professionals and much more. We will be shouting out examples of student success, whilst also asking how they achieved it, so that others can learn from their experiences. Furthermore, we will be offering you a forum to ask any questions that you may have about potential careers. 

The current categories of posts are: 

How to Guides

These are step by step guides written by professionals and students documenting how to succeed in particular areas. Be it, mooting, or obtaining a training contract; these guides are designed to provide advice and offer assistance to students. To see more, click here

Interviews with… 

Want to know what life is like for local professionals in Derby? Check out our interviews with page, which includes blog entries documenting the day to day activities of local professionals. To see more, click here

Reviews of Career Events

Missed a recent career event, or want a refresher about what was discussed? These blog posts will provide just that. To see more, click here

Student Success

Success is defined within the English dictionary as the ‘accomplishment of an aim or purpose’. What that aim or purpose is, will be unique to each individual student. At Derby Law School we want to celebrate YOUR success. Blog posts within this section will look at the various successes that have been achieved by Derby Law Students. To see more, click here

Its a work in progress, but posts should be emerging quickly over the next few weeks.